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Examples of our cakes

Here at All Things Cake we take a fresh innovative approach to cake making. We love nothing more than to bake the exact cake that was in your mind’s eye.

Here’s some examples of our work.

Unique celebration cakes

Whether it is an 18th birthday cake, a cake for a 50th celebration or any birthday in between, we\’ll be able to design and bake something special for you.

Our celebration cakes are lovingly created down to the last detail. We take the time to understand what you\’re looking for and then create exactly that.

Children\’s birthday cakes

Children\’s birthday and celebration cakes are often an important focus of the party. Especially being sang to before blowing out the candles and making that all important wish!

We make memorable cakes which stand out and will put big smiles on your kid\’s faces.

Exquisite christening cakes

Your child\’s Christening is an important milestone, often cause for a lovely big celebration with family and friends. We\’ve created multi-tiered christening cakes and cupcakes to help people celebrate the occasion.

Innovative cupcakes

Sometimes your special occasion will call for something celebratory but not over the top. Cupcakes are the perfect solution. 

Our cupcakes are lovingly crafted so that they are a centre piece of your party or event.

Icing work

There\’s a reason people say, \”the icing on the cake\” it\’s special and an important part of making the cake stand out.

We can do some very inventive things with icing and would class it as one of our specialities.

Macarons and biscuits

Everyone loves the delicate crunch of a macaron. We make macarons and biscuits for all kinds of celebrations. From birthday and engagement parties to wedding favours. The beauty of macarons is that they can be personalised and decorated to match your individual style

We take a very consultative approach to your cake needs. We\’ll be happy to talk through all the options and produce sketches for you to ensure that you get exactly the cake you have in your mind\’s eye.