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About All Things Cake

All Things Cake is an independent cake making business based in Epsom Surrey.

Run by Jules Fleming, Jules has been making and baking from a very young age. It has always been one of her favourite things to do.

Jules worked in catering for a number of years before moving into more office based work. The baking and creating was a constant throughout Jules’ other work lives.

Realising that you have to follow your dreams Jules packed in the corporate life to start All Things Cake in March 2017.

What Jules really wants to do is:

“Light up people’s faces with visually stunning and heavenly tasting cakes”.

It’s a big vision.

To make it happen, after leaving her job, Jules completed a PME  masters certificate in cake decorating.

The rest of the story can be seen in the gallery »

We take a very consultative approach to your cake needs. We\’ll be happy to talk through all the options and produce sketches for you to ensure that you get exactly the cake you have in your mind\’s eye.